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The BORLA? R&D Team has designed a great performance Cat-Back? system for the 2016-2019 Nissan Titan. This Cat-Back? system is going to deliver a significant improvement in sound that will give your Titan a more exciting driving experience. The BORLA? S-Type sound level is specifically tuned for performance and sound on the Nissan Titan?s 5.6L V8 engine giving the truck a proper V8 growl and the distinct BORLA? sound. As expected from BORLA?, the system is drone-free to ensure an enjoyable ride, made of T-304 stainless steel and comes with the Borla? Million-Mile Warranty. This system features black chrome on T-304 stainless steel tips. Bolt on a BORLA? and hear the Titan roar!
CAT-BACK for TITAN '16-'19 5.6L V8 AT 2+4WD 2&4DR 139.8" WB 2.25" S RD RL AC BC SR TIP: 4.00" RD X 14.00" BLACK CHROME
TITAN '16-'19 5.6L V8 AT 2+4WD 2&4DR 139.8" WB 2.25" S RD RL AC BC SR TIP: 4.00" RD X 14.00" BLACK CHROME

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